We purchased our first miniature donkey gelding for our young son and it didn't take long for the entire family to fall in love with Dexter.   Not long after, we purchased two jennets in foal and we founded Camar Farm Miniature Donkeys.   Our goal was to produce quality miniature donkeys with solid conformation and, equally as important, we want to work with our foals, from the day they are born, to produce well socialized and easily handled donkeys for pets and companions.   We feel we have accomplished that goal with all of our foals.  We get comments all the time about how amazing they are to handle and how well behaved they are.   We have been able to be very particular about the homes they have gone to and are in contact with new owners over the years.   We have made the decision, for 2023, to retire from the breeding program.  We have one last foal due in the summer of 2023 (from Annie and Anakin) and we will only have our remaining retired donkeys from that point on.   Watch for our 2023 foal!

Quality Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Donkey Companions

Donkeys are very social and loving creatures.   They love to be groomed, hugged, talked to and to just hang out with you. We keep our herd small so that they each can get individual attention.  They get alot of that at Camar Farm and they come to expect it!   

We want to be sure when you welcome a Camar donkey into your family, that they have a great foundation for being a companion for life.