Donkeys For Sale

We only breed a small number of foals each year.     With Anikin as our sire, we have a variety of colours and patterns produced.   We never know what we are going to get!    Please contact us if you are interested in one of our foals OR would like to be put on our email list to be contacted when they arrive.   We breed a limited number of foals so that they can get the individual attention needed to get a good start in life.  If you are a good match for one of our foals, you can reserve one for a 25% non-refundable deposit.   The foals stay with mom and herd to learn how to be a donkey and get a good start in life for the first 5-6 months of life, then they are weaned and ready for their new home.   

Fern and Cinder SOLD


We rarely sell our adults but we are stopping our breeding program and it is time to let these two (Fern and Cinder) go.   They are both to be bred to Anakin before leaving for their new home in Nova Scotia to live on a lovely farm with Angora goats! 

Camar's Coconut.  SOLD


Coconut is our miracle baby!   Beans surprised us with twins, a very rare occurence.   Sadly, the other twin did not make it (too small) but Coconut, although tiny, grew strongly and is thriving.   She is a very cuddly girl, frosted spotted white like her daddy!     She has gone to live with two of our other foals, Marty and Gus, we couldn't ask for a better home for her!

Camar's ChickP  SOLD


ChickP is Venus Beans foal this year.  She is sassy, sweet and playful.   She is very lucky to be going to a fantastic home with another mini for a friend and 5 horses!   She will be in Guelph, so nice and close for visits!   

Camar's Joey      SOLD


Joey is a lovely, sweet boy, Annies first foal!    He is going to have a wonderful home near Ottawa with Mafalda and family.   He is going to live with a lovely red foal named Goose so they will have fun together.   

T-Berry Anakin      FOR SALE


We have made the decision to stop our breeding program and therefore are putting Anakin up for sale.   He is a sweet, gentle, lovely boy and has sired many beautiful spotted and solid foals.  See his full description under the Herd Sire section of our website. 

Camar's Marty       SOLD


Marty is just going a couple of concessions away from our farm.   He is going to be spoiled by all of his new family, he is living with two micropigs, chickens, two goats and two horses.     He is going to be quite happy with all his new friends!

Camar's Dorothy       SOLD


Dorothy headed to Plattsville area, not far from us.   She is going to be part of a Belgian horse farm and is going to have alot of people who visit her.    She is just a little doll.