T-Berry's Anikin 31"

Our herd sire was imported from Michigan.   He is an unusual Frosted White Spotted jack.   He had the fabulous compact head which is a trait you will notice throughout our herd, that we love and he passes it on!   He is tiny which is ideal for a miniature donkey jack.  His unique colouring produces interesting colour variations in our foals!   He has a lovely disposition and is very easy to handle and he lives in with our bred jenny's and is a perfect gentleman.      We are also proud to say that Anikin is a COVERBOY!   He was on the COVER of Canadian Donkey and Mule Magazine for their Herd Sire edition! 

Camar's Annie Oakley 31"

Annie is one of our foals from 2013, she joined our breeding herd in 2018.   Her sire is "Ass-Pirin Acres GetRDun" a 31" black jack.   Annie follows us around the farm like a little dog, she is one of our sweetest donkeys.     She is our tiniest jennet.   She is bred to Aniken for a 2019 foal. 

 MJB Venus Beans 33 3/4"

Venus is one of our two true black  jennets.    Her first foal, Camar's Winston, is a gorgeous dark black with white points jack.     Venus has a fantastic personality and loves to be around you all the time.    


Furball Acres Cabinwood Eudora 33"

"Dora" is a pure black donkey jennet with a gorgeous head and solid conformation.  She is trained to drive a cart and very sweet to handle. She is Annies best buddy and a beautiful, compact, gentle young Jennet.   She is bred to Aniken for a 2019 foal.

Querrey's Q-T's Cheers 31.5"

Cheers was imported from Iowa and is a great addition to our breeding herd.  She is tiny and compact and is a stunning dark red sorrel with white points.     She is bred to Aniken for a 2019 foaling.

Bunker Hill's Jewel 34"

Jewel is a great addition to our breeding herd.  She is a very well built, light sorrel  sorrel with white points.     She is one of our best jennets and her foals are proving to be just as beautiful.   This picture is with her 2018 jack foal Maverick.   

Heiken's Ark Pippi M 32"

Pippin originated in Iowa and arrived with Cheers.    She is a dark brown and white spotted jennet (a contrast to Julie's great and white).   She has a great head and solid body.  

She had a beautiful jenny foal born in August of 2014, Camar's Annie Oakley whom we have kept for future breeding potential. (see her in our list of jennets now).  Pippi retired from our breeding girls in 2018.

WBA's Little Bonnie Foo Foo 33"

This girls barn name is Julie and she is one of our beautiful spotted donkey jennets.  She is a lovely grey and white pattern. 

She was imported from Michigan along with Anakin.   She is a great mom to her foals and is a wonderful addition to our breeding herd.    She is bred to Aniken for a 2019 foal.